Welcome to the 2023 Rebound Wellness Experience

August 5, 2023

Adinkrafarm, 3347 12-13 Sideroad
New Lowell, ON, L0M1N0

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Join us for our outdoor summer wellness event!

  Registration/Breakfast: 7:30AM – 9:00AM
Sessions: 9:00AM – 1:00PM
Lunch/Networking/Vendor Shopping: 1:00PM – 2:45PM
Sessions: 3:00PM – 5:00PM
Dinner: 5:00PM – 5:45PM
End the day with Bonfire and Drumming

Come relax, take care of yourself, and enjoy the summer sunshine!


Guided Workshops


Renewed Sense of Life


Community Networking


Andre Rose Fitness!

Andre Rose is hosting a wellness retreat aimed at bringing together members of the community to rebound, refresh, and recenter with a day of rejuvination.  Andre is a dedicated fitness professional with more than 20 years of experience inspiring himself and others.

Using his learned and lived experiences, Andre has developed a plan for his clients to rebound and get in touch with themselves, the earth and others.


Events for Attendees

Guided Meditation

Bringing mindfulness to the forefront of our health and wellness pursuit. In nature we will connect with our inner self and focus our energy center.

Nature Hike & Forest Bathing

After months indoors, attendees will be trailed through an intensive nature hike to  boost mood, reduce stress and re-connect with nature.

Dangle Fit Back Care

Danglefit utilizes the sling/hammock to stretch the muscles of the spine and to decompress the spine and thereby alleviating back pain.   

Vendor Marketplace

Walk through our unforgettable wellness market! Join local businesses and health experts for a day of learning, conversations, and connection with those who share your wellness values.

Brain Health Session

Find tools for stress, trauma, and anxiety by implementing coping strategies that reframe negative thoughts, manage emotions, and improve healthy relationships.

Fitness Bootcamp

Fitness bootcamp for all levels.  Fun, intense workouts and exercises will help you get your heart rate up, improve your overall fitness level, and leave you feeling energized.

Fresh Breakfast & Lunch

Start your retreat with a delicious healthy breakfast full of refreshments and energy then enjoy a fully catered lunch bursting with flavors that will keep you coming back for more! 

Wellness Workshop

Our wellness workshop will not only leave you feeling reenergized to take on your life but give you the tools for continued life improvements.

Dance & Body Movement

Move with us and feel human again as we enjoy an afternoon dance session outdoor to celebrate the body and get down to the hottest DJ beats.


3347 12/13 Sunniside Road, New Lowell, ON

Located 1.5 hours from Toronto

ADINKRAFARM has been offering programmes to the community for over 10 years. This black-owned heritage land will continue to operate as a cooperative, community-building organization. 

It is a welcoming space for all, based on the principles of AFRICENTRIC Leadership which require optimism, confidence, truth, knowledge centered on African cultures and values, love, life-long learning, and living in harmony with nature and humanity. We offer opportunities for community to to learn plan and develop in harmony through three pillars of sustainability: RECLAIM, BUILD and GROW.


Renovate and Refurbish projects  RECLAIM the existing property, Cultural events aim to  RECLAIM our African heritage and community connections.


We are exploring opportunities to BUILD on the property further by adding new indoor and outdoor spaces and features to the property.  Planned building initiatives include: Accommodations, Treehouse, Leadership Centre. This project is also about investing to BUILD a community institution for the benefit of future generations. 


Respect to Asase Yaa (Mother Earth), we will cultivate the land to GROW food to support secure food sources and generate alternative sources of power.  Adinkra Farm has conducted an assessment of the soil and have successfully grown crops including sunflower seeds, beans, garlic, melons, carrots and kale.


1.5 hours north of Toronto

Adinkra Farms is situated spaciously among acres of lush Ontario Greenland. Easy access from Toronto is found via the 401 or 427 and north up the 400. Buses will be provided for attendees who need a ride up.


ADINKRA FARM Retreats – Relax, Re-energize, Rejuvenate, Plan – Retreats have many benefits for participants.  Enjoy time away from the everyday. Rates are available for groups and individuals.  Overnight and Day retreat options are available.


ADINKRA FARM WORKSHOPS – 14 types of guided workshops such as: Word Speak, Intro to RITES, African Leadership Principles, Ngoma, Michezo, Kuumba, Makers and so much more.


Depending on COVID 19 Restrictions

This year’s programme will focus on the technological skills and information needed to lead our people into the future. Building on the grounding principle of SANKOFA, we will learn from the past as we look to the future with activities that will fortify young people.

The Walnut Foundation

Part proceeds of this event will go towards a contribution to The Walnut Foundation – a Men’s Health Interest and Prostate Support Group working with the Black Community in identifying the needs of Black Men. They support in areas of health and health-related issues to provide a forum for discussion in a comfortable, safe and supportive environment.

A Note From Andre:

My reason for choosing the Walnut Foundation was after learning that my grandfather had passed away from prostate cancer and a lack of support within the black community.  It was only fitting, therefore, that I would dedicate my time and resources to an organization that is providing the black community with the help it needs to better inform and educate the community. My appointment to the Board of Directors as Director of Youth Engagement has given me so much appreciation for the work the Foundation does. To work behind the scenes in planning the direction of the foundation is extremely rewarding.


2023 Rebound Wellness Experience

This year’s retreat is guided by the theme, “GET OUT OF THE FOG.” Rebound, Reclaim Refresh. We will take time to reflect on the importance of self care and the fundamental benefits and staying active.

The retreat will feature a series of activities to give participants a whole-body experience, including yoga, meditation, nature walk, dangle fit yoga and cultural drumming. It will also feature a kiddies’ corner, information sessions on wellness and breakfast will be offered to participants. Additionally, there will be a 50/50 raffle where funds will be raised for charity. Details of the charity will be provided later.


Dangelefit® Inversion Yoga

Dangelefit® Inversion Yoga utilizes a custom designed Dangelefit® sling for the purpose of decompressing the spine, thereby alleviating back pain.
Lee Downer is the Founder and Creator of Dangelefit®. 

Event Committee Members

Our event committee will support in all functions of developing, promoting, organizing, and leading the Rebound Wellness Experience. 

Andre Rose

Andre Rose

Event Chairman

Well-known fitness instructor and author of the book, Buns of Steel: The Unstoppable Pursuit of Fitness, Andre Rose uses his lived experience and knowledge of fitness and wellness to develop and transform his clients so that they too can attain a mindset committed to pursuing fitness and wellbeing.



Event Chair

Andrea is an educator and wellness enthusiast. She has been an advocate for healthy active living her whole life. Andrea joins the RWE team as an event chair and leader.   

Leigh-Ann Hearne

Leigh-Ann Hearne

Lead Volunteer

Lead Volunteer for the Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) Rebound Wellness Retreat. I have volunteered and I’m still volunteering with many diverse organizations and plan different projects community based. With this Rebound retreat we are geared towards empowerment and better health within our community and people. All we do we do as one community, building people for a better tomorrow.

Lee Downer

Lee Downer

Dangle Fit Back Care

Founder of Back Care World and Danglefit Aerial Back Therapy. For 27-years Lee lived with severe low back pain. Now he lives pain free and teaches, trains and coaches people on how to take care of their back and brain.

Lee’s mission now is offering his many years of experience and back care knowledge to individuals around the world via a year long mentorship program and a certification program to qualified individuals.

Peta-Ann Leon

Peta-Ann Leon

Marketing Strategist

Peta-Ann is a marketing and sales specialist. Her project management skills help leaders focused on campaign strategy, execution and results. Through her agency, Leon Designs, Peta-Ann helps brands and entrepreneurs scale their ideas into successful campaigns and businesses.  

Alethia Cadore, MA, BAcyc(P)

Alethia Cadore, MA, BAcyc(P)


Alethia identifies herself as a Wellness Practitioner in private practice which primarily supports Black Communities & people of colour heal from stress & trauma by implementing coping strategies that reframe negative thoughts, manage emotions, and improve healthy relationships in order to make
better informed decisions & lead with confidence.

Paul Gabay

Paul Gabay


I want every ‘BODY’ to move and have the equipment they need to be active. In addition to traditional fitness equipment, my company Resolution Fitness specializes in adaptive and wheelchair accessible products. Everyone’s level of ability may be different, but that shouldn’t stop people from being as healthy as possible. 

I am a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, and I love long runs on the beach, roads and trails. Health and Fitness is my passion. I want to inspire everyone to be more active, help fitness facilities be more inclusive and make fitness more accessible for all.

Maxine Choy

Maxine Choy

Yoga Instructor

Maxine is the Clarity & Wellness Coach of Livewell with Maxine. “Wellness is a process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a more successful existence.  It’s time to take your life back and shine a light on your unique skills.”

Anthony Henry

Anthony Henry


Anthony Henry, 62, a financial advisor in Brampton, Ont. was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015, 14 years after his father passed away following a stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis. His brother and uncle have also been diagnosed and treated. Henry will be presenting on behalf of The Black Walnut Foundation , a Black male prostate cancer support group, what it’s like to live with disease that needs to be monitored and why prostate cancer is different for the Black community.

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