Fitness trainer Andre Rose is making the most Of the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fitness and wellness professional is filling the void left wide open by the closure of gyms across Canada with his virtual training online on various platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and his website. 
The 41 -year-old Jamaican entrepreneur holds a daytime job  at Amazon (Canada) but is also a motivational speaker, and has made fitness his lifeline — something he wants to share worldwide in as many capacities as he can. 
But for now, he is focusing on his trainer-led online classes, live streams, and a do-it-yourself website. 
“My business is about fortifying mental well-being, as well as fitness, gentle guidance, and positive talks.  It is a lifestyle choice,” he said.
The 2013 third-place winner of Men’s Novice Bodybuilding Lightweight says his fitness lifestyle began when he was inspired by Taye  Diggs’s muscular form in the movie  How Stella Got Her Grove Back, which was shot in Jamaica.
He lived in Jamaica then and dreamt of having a similar body profile and an opportunity to showcase his talents.
“As a young boy growing up in Jamaica, everyday life was just a physical experience where we would walk for miles to get to school, church, and many other places,” Rose recalled. 
His boss at Kingston  Collectibles got him, and other workers, gym memberships, in a bid to boost productivity. It would be the start of a lifetime love and career change.
It was in Canada, though, that his awareness that fitness and health went hand in hand was awakened.
“But, though fitness was natural, men’s health usually becomes secondary. Medical issues such as prostate, diabetes, alcoholism, and other chronic illness that affect males, even within my own family, needed to be magnified,” Rose said.
He said it became important – almost a mission – for him to become an ambassador for men’s health awareness. Realising that his community needed a voice, he got involved with the work of The Walnut Foundation, a Canada based charity that focuses on increasing information/awareness of prostate health among young males and has been pushing to get more men of colour ad of African descent interested in keeping fit and staying healthy.
He is now appointed board member of the foundation and an advisory committee member of Canadian Cancer Society and Prostate Cancer Canada.
Rose is also the creator of the underwear company Steele by Andre Rose, and author of the book, Buns of Steel: The Unstoppable Pursuit of Fitness.
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